terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008


Halloween Story
It was a dark and stormy night when the bells of the church of the convent rang. This convent was inhabited by catholic priests. Never a bell had rung so heavily only by the power of the wind.
In that hour there were the last prayers for the night before the “all saints day”. At that night superstitions of Halloween used to take place.
Everyone thought that it might have been spirits or jokes.
Paul, Joseph and Peter were the three seminarists of the congregation and they had planned among themselves and with the superior of the congregation to make fun to celebrate Halloween.
All the priests decided to go to the tower and attempt to discover the cause of that stroke of the bell. The three seminarists managed to frighten the so curious priests.
When the priests entered the tower they did a big “buuummmm!!!” and all ran to their bedrooms.
In the morning the superior of the congregation and the three seminarists told what happened and everyone found it a funny idea and they commented that it was the happiest Halloween ever lived in the convent.

João Pedro Jacob Ferreira nº9 10ºBCT

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Anónimo disse...

Well done!

Coordenadora da Biblioteca disse...

O primeiro trabalho de um "Amigo da Biblioteca"... Venham mais!

Prof. Sónia Pedro disse...

Boa, João!
Deste o exemplo.
Assim é que é!
Parabéns pelo conto!